For any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us at any time day or night and a specialists will be assigned to your case and assist you in any manner necessary.  
Our office hours are: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Each specialist is on call for their families after hours.
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David Schupp (Partner)
David has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities since 1998.  His primary focus has been on the behavioral issues of individuals with Autism.  He has a Master of Arts degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences and has been working as a behavioral specialist since 2002.  David was the supervisor of a behavioral transition group home for four years creating and implementing individualized behavioral programs for individuals on the Autism Spectrum or with dual diagnosis’.   He also developed and implemented behavioral programs for these individuals in a one-on-one educational setting.  
Sandra Boyd (Partner)
Sandy has 25+ years of direct service to individuals classified as developmentally disabled and/or  on the Autism Spectrum.  She received her  B.S. Ed. Comprehensive Social Sciences from Northwest State University of MO, her M.S. Ed. Special Education Emotionally Disturbed from Kansas University and Behaviorally Disordered post graduate completion of Applied Behavior Analyst course work through the University of North Texas.  She has prior certification in substance abuse training, Glasser's Reality Therapy, clinical training in behavior intervention for clientele resistive to treatment.  

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